7 Steps to Improve Employee Engagement

Are your employees fully engaged?   Does your organization have a culture that is focused on employee engagement and retention?    Trail HR Consulting can assist you in completing an employee engagement survey and building an action plan to enhance employee engagement and retention.  Here are the 7 steps in our process: Complete an anonymous Employee Engagement

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Do you have a plan for an effective Compensation Strategy in your Organization?

Attracting and retaining great talent requires an organization to have a competitive compensation plan for each individual role.    Trail HR Consulting can provide a detailed compensation report for any individual role in your organization.    Analysis is conducted on compensation by geographic area, size of company, years of experience, and industry. Data values are automatically updated

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Top 4 HR Risks

How confident are you in the health of your HR programs, policies and procedures? Are you compliant with all provincial and federal requirements?  Do you have the policies in place to protect your employees and your organization? Do you have the necessary HR programs in place to effectively attract, retain and manage your workforce in

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