Are you managing your HR Risks?

TRAIL HR Consulting HR Risk Assessment

 How confident are you in the health of your HR programs, policies and procedures?

  • Are you compliant with all provincial and federal requirements?
  • Do you have the policies in place to protect your employees and your organization?
  • Do you have the necessary HR programs in place to effectively attract, retain and manage your workforce in the competitive landscape that is Western Canada?

At TRAIL HR Consulting we offer a comprehensive HR Risk Assessment so you can have peace of mind and understand where your biggest areas of risk and opportunity lie.

Whether you have 20, 200 or 2000 employees we will ensure you understand the key HR priorities for your business. Our four-step process is summarized below:


Meet with a TRAIL HR Consultant to conduct an assessment of your Human Resource practices including:

  • Recruiting and Onboarding
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Performance Management and Succession Planning
  • Key Human Resource Policies & Procedures
  • Employee Training Programs
  • Employee Retention Programs      
  • Termination and Transition    
  • Human Resource Administration


TRAIL HR Consulting will prepare a HR Risk Assessment Report of your current Human Resource programs and practices including a summary of:

  • Existing HR Structure
  • A summary of the strengths listed by category
  • A summary of areas of risk by category


TRAIL HR’s summary report will include Key Human Resource Areas of importance to focus on using a priority rating including:

Urgent and Important item – address immediately

Important Item – should be addressed in the next 12 months

No Action Required – maintain current practice


TRAIL HR Consulting will prepare a Recommended Strategy to Take Action to resolve your urgent items first with the use of both internal resources and / or a TRAIL HR Professional Human Resource Consultant