A career change can be a very difficult time for both the employee and the employer.

TRAIL HR Consulting offers a personalized transition process to assist the employee as they navigate through the change.

An overview of our one on one transition coaching program includes:

  1. Honourable Closure
    • Letting Go
    • Energy Management
  2. Making the Shift
    • New & Empowering Routines
    • Financial and Time Planning
    • Finding a Job is a Job
  3. Personal Brand Development
    • Connecting with Strengths
    • Getting Clear on Desires
    • Personal Brand Development (Resume, Elevator Speech)
    • Interview
  4. Approaching the Market
    • Optimizing Technology
    • Engaging the Market
    • Leveraging Networks
    • Support & follow-up, coaching and resume updating, interview practice.
  5. Ongoing Assessment & Reflection
    • Managing Accountability
    • Maintaining Motivation